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  Pu tube

Pneumatic PU pipe, PU pipe pneumatic components
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Pneumatic PU pipe, PU pipe pneumatic components

PU pipe is polyurethanetubing pipe is English abbreviation, PU pneumatic industry preferred pneumatic pressure hose. PU tube divided by the materials of polyester polyether type PU tube, PU tube; according to the appellation and divided into PU air pressure hose use requirements, increase PU gripper.

Conditions of use

PU pipe belt * number product is a high flow low pressure hose, at room temperature under pressure of 8 kg / cm 2, the maximum working pressure of 10 kg / cm 2, 13 kg / cm 2 blasting pressure. The fluid temperature is too high or corrosive ingredients, may make hose rupture. Environment temperature is too high or space chemical gas, may cause the hoses. Storage in damp places or storage period is too long, will make the hose hydrolysis or aging, may result in breaking. Don't let the hose friction winding, stretch, twist, otherwise it will damage the influence of working pressure hose. High temperature water or oil, please choose heat-resistant tube. Pipe length to allow sufficient margin, in the use of quick joint, transverse section of hose should be smooth vertical installation.

Structure characteristics

The transparent tube has high transparency, medium flow state clearly visible. Using the high resilience polyurethane raw material manufacturing; makes the pneumatic tube bending radius is smaller, easier to install. Anti yellowing Tatsu more than 3 grade, not easy to turn yellow. Color tube toner using imported weathering, the manufacturing color tube color standard, bright, work for a long time does not fade. Using online diameter control system, life long.

Aste pipe industry specializing in the production of PU pipe, pneumatic hose, PU hose, PU hose polyurethane, polyurethane PU spring telescopic tube, PU tube with high strength and wear resistance, scratch resistance, puncture resistance and tear resistance, impact resistance, tensile strength and high elongation. Welcome new and old customers to order PU tube products. Tel: 0577-62969952


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